© 2012 Jennifer Durham, Family Photo Event

The Family Photo Event is an opportunity for your families to have a portrait sitting with a professional photographer at an affordable price.

How It Works:

  1. Portrait sessions with your photographer are scheduled in 15 minute increments.
  2. Each session is $35 and includes one free 8 x 10 custom print and a low res file of that same image.
  3. Book your session time online or offline through the school coordinator.
  4. Proof prints will be viewed in person 2-3 days after the portrait event, or in some cases online proofs will be provided. Additional prints may be purchased at that time. Finished prints will be delivered to the school approximately 10-14 days after ordering.

Dress Carefully:

Think about what everyone will wear ahead of time. Choose colors for each family member that complement each other and feel right for that person.

Stay away from clothing with bright patterns and very bright colors because they draw attention away from those smiling faces.

It is generally best to avoid very bright or white colors, and/or very dark or black colors.

Earth tones work very well.

These are guidelines only; everyone should wear clothing that they feel comfortable in - that they feel themselves in.

If in doubt bring extra clothing.

Bring a comb or brush for your hair.

Be On Time:

We have a tightly booked schedule (every 15 minutes). If you are late, other families may be kept waiting, or you may forfeit your session altogether.

And the most Important thing to remember? Relax and have fun. :)

Why a Family Photo Event?

Because families are the most important thing in our lives for most of us, and family portraits provide a way to preserve and cherish those family memories forever. Holding this portrait event outside when possible is fun, and it helps everyone look more comfortable and relaxed -- creating truly natural and beautiful portraits every time.

Children grow up quickly so there is never a better time than now to create a portrait.

We photograph your family with authentic, natural expressions. These are portraits that truly capture the relationships and the love you share with your family. This is a portrait you will cherish for the rest of your life: a true family heirloom